Classification and selection principle of industrial oil

First, how industrial oils are classified   Industrial lubricants are classified by application.

 First, how industrial oils are classified

  Industrial lubricants are classified by application.

  ISO classifies lubricants, industrial lubricants and related products into 18 categories.

  China has equivalently adopted ISO6743.0-1981 standard and formulated national standard GB7631.1-87, which classifies lubricants and related products into 19 groups.

  Industrial oils are mainly hydraulic oil, gear oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, freezer oil, transformer oil, vacuum pump oil, bearing oil, metalworking oil (fluid), rust prevention grease, cylinder oil, heat treatment oil and heat transfer oil and other 13 varieties.

  In addition, there are lubricating grease based on lubricating oil, with thickening agent.

  Enterprises that use industrial lubricants configure relatively concentrated machinery and equipment, so purposeful and targeted technical communication is necessary. This is also the main form of pre-sales technical service. Therefore, technical marketing of industrial lubricants is particularly important.

  So, how exactly do you choose industrial oils

  The basic performance and main selection principle of industrial lubricants is viscosity.

  In medium speed, medium load and less high temperature operating conditions, medium viscosity lubricants are selected.

  Under high load, low speed and high temperature conditions, use high viscosity lubricants or lubricants with extreme pressure anti-wear agents.

  low viscosity lubricants for low load, high speed and low temperature conditions.

  In wide, high and low temperature range, light load and high speed, and other special requirements, use synthetic lubricants.