Oil-Based Metalworking Oil

EDM oils

It is suitable for all types of EDM machines and super-finishing machining; with this product, it can insulate and eliminate ionization, cool and prevent fire, flush and discharge slag quickly, reduce carbon accumulation, reduce the loss of electrodes, improve the surface accuracy of moulds and achieve stable and precise electro-etching machining.

Low oil mist cutting oils

Suitable for carbon steel, aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metals in general and copper parts in particular; commonly used in various automatic lathes for cutting and processing, in multi-axis, single-axis and CNC lathes can be used to obtain very satisfactory processing results.

Extreme pressure cutting oils

Used for precision cutting of various metal materials, such as turning, milling, drilling, belt and disc processing, etc. Suitable for gears, threads, splines and other precision parts forming cutting and grinding processing; also suitable for light, medium, heavy and extra heavy load of various cutting operations, especially suitable for high-speed heavy load cutting.

Aluminium cutting oil

Suitable for use in CNC machining centres for machining, cutting, grinding, lapping and deep drilling of aluminium, copper alloys, stainless steel and other metal materials.

Aluminium cutting oil

Recommended for turning, milling, drilling and other cutting operations in aluminium and aluminium alloys, etc.

General purpose cutting oils

Micro-emulsion water soluble fluids for non-ferrous and ferrous metal cutting operations. A general purpose semi-synthetic cutting fluid suitable for all non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including grinding, turning, milling, drilling and broaching, for light to heavy duty machining.

Deep hole drilling cutting oil

This product is a pure oil cutting oil specially designed for deep hole drilling processing, such as deep hole drilling, boring, gundrilling and other drilling lubrication; it is also suitable for processing difficult materials such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high strength and high hardness ferrous metals.

Stamping oil

For cold work forming of metals, e.g. drawing, stamping, punching, shearing and heavy duty shearing. For punching, stamping and stretching of stainless steel and mild steel sheets of various thicknesses, including different thicknesses and degrees of stretch.

Stainless steel drawing oil

Suitable for the drawing and forming process of stainless steel products; also suitable for the stretching, drawing and stamping forming process of high carbon steel and stainless steel, etc.

Aluminium drawing oil

For the drawing of aluminium and its alloys; also for the drawing of aluminium tubes or bars, etc.

Aluminium wire drawing oil

Suitable for aluminium drawing and forming in the wire and cable industry; for large and medium drawing and stretching processes in aluminium, etc.

Copper tube drawing oil

Suitable for the drawing process of metal products such as copper, aluminium and their alloys; also suitable for the drawing and forming process of medium strength copper and its alloys of non-ferrous metals, etc.

Copper drawing oil

Widely used in the copper wire drawing industry for coarse and large, medium and small drawing processes, the dilution concentration can be adjusted according to the thickness of the wire diameter; it is also suitable for continuous drawing and forming of copper plates with multiple dies, cutting processes, etc.

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