Service Support

Join in and earn money

One heavy deposit: 0 deposit 0 franchise fee saves you venture capital

Double payment: advertising and decoration subsidies will be provided immediately when you join the British tyrant to save you market operation funds

Triple gold: send marketing personnel to assist in the management and development of the market, and save personnel funds for you

Fourfold deposit: 0 deposit 0 franchise fee saves you venture capital


Top 10 franchise support, ultra-low risk

A: Professional training: provide regional dealers with market feasibility analysis and marketing programs, and provide dealers with relevant training guidance.

B: Mature market model: successful market operation model, one-click copy, and assist dealers in implementation.

C: Brand image support: assist dealers in the development, establishment and maintenance of offline business, and improve brand awareness and brand image.

D: Price protection policy: do not quote for the same industry and end customers in the agent area. Exclusive supply agent, no network, no WeChat, to ensure the interests of the agent.

E: Market development support: regularly dispatch business personnel to visit dealers to assist and guide dealers in developing local markets.

F: Market material support: provide dealers with promotional materials such as posters, product materials, product brochures, stickers, work clothes, promotional products, etc.

G: Customer service support: do a good job of product and service information description, assist customers to select the first order varieties and provide reference opinions;

H: Supply goods in a timely, accurate and safe manner to ensure delivery within 48 hours (except for force majeure); Assist dealers (who need to handle transportation) to contact the logistics company to ensure safe and timely transportation.

1: Advertising expense support: corresponding advertising expense subsidy will be given according to the dealer level.

J: Year-end rebate: year-end bonus will be given according to the degree of achievement