General purpose lithium grease

Suitable for centralized greasing system, medium speed, medium load mechanical equipment, mining machinery, automobile, tractor wheel bearings, medium and large motors, calendaring machines, forging machines and other high load mechanical equipment bearings.

Extreme pressure lithium complex grease

It is suitable for high temperature and high load bearings in various industries such as petrochemical, textile, printing and dyeing, steel, glass, paper making, etc. It is also suitable for lubrication of key parts of bearings and chassis of engineering equipment and heavy vehicles working under heavy load, heavy load and high temperature conditions.

Grease for granulators

Suitable for lubrication of high temperature and heavy load equipment in metallurgical industry as well as printing and dyeing, large motors, kiln cars, hot oil pumps and other equipment friction parts.

Molybdenum disulphide high temperature grease

It is suitable for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings and friction parts of general mechanical equipment, and can also be used for low load, smooth running closed gears, etc.

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