Market Prospect

The trillion-dollar market has unlimited prospects


Policy support and promotion · The development of lubricating oil industry, the future of high-grade lubricating oil industry is infinitely bright

1. General trend: The lubricating oil industry has become a hot spot of consumption and economic growth in China. Domestic demand will gradually increase, and the total amount of lubricating oil market will continue to grow.

2. Real demand: With the rise of the middle class and the increase of car ownership, the turnover of automobile maintenance supplies such as lubricating oil will also increase.

3. Differentiation: consumers' demand for lubricating oil quality is constantly upgrading, and the trend of branding and diversification is more obvious. Differentiated and customized products quickly occupy the lubricating oil market.

4. Wide market: lubricating oil is a necessary product for automobiles, and the increasing car ownership will ensure the stable development of the lubricating oil industry.