Determination of the most common car faults and solutions.

In life, we always encounter such and such car failure, today we give you a summary of the most common car fault determination and solutions. After reading in the daily life of the car encountered similar failure phenomenon, know the reasons in order to cope.

In life, we always encounter such and such car failure, today we give you a summary of the most common car fault determination and solutions. After reading in the daily life of the car encountered similar failure phenomenon, know the reasons in order to cope.

1, the engine oil pressure indicator table shows abnormal

Reason analysis: When the table pointer shows the oil pressure is not normal, it means that the engine parts are faulty. If the oil gauge pointer shows low pressure or meter pointer shows large fluctuations, may be due to oil pump wear, filter is clogged with dirt, oil suction screen set to reveal the oil surface, low oil level, air mixed in the oil circuit and pressure gauge is faulty and other reasons. In addition, low viscosity of lubricating oil, poor sealing and lubrication of the oil circuit, too much viscosity of the lubricating oil overcooling, too much lubricating oil sludge deposit, etc. will also cause abnormal display of the oil pressure indicator table.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement and repair.

2, unscrew the radiator cap found that there are always some oil stains floating on the surface, and found that there is water when changing the oil

Analysis: The engine has two major circulation systems, one is the coolant circulation system, the other is the lubricating oil circulation system, the two systems are not through each other. If there is oil in the water or water in the oil, it means that there is a problem somewhere in the isolation of the two circulatory systems. "Oil in water" and "water in oil" are two different kinds of failure. "Oil into the water" is the engine body itself out of order, and "water into the oil" is mostly caused by engine parts, the nature of the failure is not the same.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement and repair.

3, the car accelerates when the oil pressure indicator will light up

Cause analysis: the oil light is lit in two cases: real and virtual. The so-called real, that is, the oil pressure is really low, low to the extent that the indicator light issued a warning, indicating that the lubrication system is indeed faulty, must be ruled out. The so-called false, as suspected that the oil lubrication system is not a fault, but the oil pressure indicator system failure, the wrong light.

Solution: this fault will not affect the normal work of the engine, but should also find the root cause in time, to exclude the good. Usually the possibility of the actual disease is greater, should be used as the main idea to determine the fault.

4, the car in driving a fault that causes the steering wheel swing, and swing more serious when heavy car

Cause analysis: Generally speaking, it is due to uneven wear of the front wheel tires, the use of new patch tires or uneven pad tires and steel ring deformation. Because, when the wheel speed is faster, the torque of driving the steering wheel rotation mainly comes from the deflection degree of the tire or steel ring. When the difference of tire or steel ring exceeds 3mm, the deflection torque can drive the steering wheel to swing from side to side.

Solution: You should go to the repair shop to check and change the tire or steel ring as appropriate.

5, high-speed driving on a good road, heavy, empty steering wheel are swinging, heavy car swing serious, and the faster the speed, the more serious swing

Cause analysis: generally due to the brake drum and hub connecting bolts loose, hub bearing hole loose and brake drum boring deviated from the center of the brake drum thickness, resulting in uneven measurement.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for repair.

6, engine oil consumption is too large

Cause analysis: Careful friends will find that the lubricating oil in good condition also exists in the normal consumption, but some car condition is poor, the car exhaust discharge blue smoke, in fact, this means that the lubricating oil consumption is too large, in general, the consumption of lubricating oil is only two situations, into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, or oil leakage. The reason why the oil can flee into the combustion chamber is mainly because the parts are seriously worn, the clearance is too large, or the oil pressure is too high, resulting in the oil fleeing into the combustion chamber. The oil leakage is mainly due to the hardening and aging of the gasket. Valve seizure. If it is an old vehicle, there are generally gaskets due to aging and sealing the situation is not tight.

Solution: You are best through the professional maintenance center, by the maintenance engineers to determine, and the implementation of proven solutions.

7、When the door glass is lifted, there is a slight "rattling" sound

Analysis of the reasons: the car will appear after a period of time when the door glass in the lift, there is a slight "rattling" sound. Especially the driver's side is serious. This is mainly because the northern sandy winds, often in the door glass and sealant tape contact places where there is some fine dust and gravel, resulting in noise when the glass is lifted. At this time to promptly clean the door glass sealant strip and slideway velvet groove in the sand and dust, otherwise it will scratch the door glass.

8、When the turn signal lights are on, the flashing frequency is faster than usual

Reason analysis: When moving the handle of the turn signal, the frequency of flashing of the turn signal on the instrument panel is faster than usual, which is a fault. It is usually caused by the change in resistance of the line after the turn signal bulb on one side is broken.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement and repair.

9, when it rains a little windshield scraping is not clean

Reason analysis: not when it rains a lot when using the wiper feels good, but when it rains a little to start the wiper, you will find that the wiper will be left on the glass surface wipe uneven traces; this situation indicates that the wiper blade has hardened, or the wiper blade has a scar will cause uneven wipe, the formation of residual dirt.

Solution: Replace the wiper or wiper film surface. However, when replacing, it should be noted that the installation method and length of the wiper varies depending on the model and year. Some wipers only need to replace the rubber sheet, while some wipers need to be replaced as a whole.

10、When you open the warm air in winter, the front windshield is foggy, accompanied by sweet smell

Cause analysis: when your vehicle using warm air when such a phenomenon, is generally due to a slight leak of the heating tank in the cab caused. The fog on the front windshield is the wind generated by the blower in the car to drive the sink leakage of antifreeze blown out of the air duct, condensing on the front windshield caused, while people can also feel the special taste of anti-icing liquid. At this time, the fan should be turned off, the fog will gradually dissipate.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement and repair.

11, when driving the vehicle steering "floating"

Cause analysis: is often caused by driving the front wheel "swing head", the reasons are: pad patch tires or vehicle repair caused by the front wheel total success balance is destroyed; drive shaft assembly has parts loose; drive shaft assembly dynamic balance is destroyed; damper failure; steel plate spring stiffness inconsistent; steering system parts wear loose; improper front wheel calibration.

Solution: should be promptly to the repair shop for replacement and repair.

12, driving engine temperature suddenly too high

Analysis: If the car in operation, the coolant temperature table indicates that soon reach 100 ℃ position, or in the cold start, the engine coolant temperature rises rapidly to boiling, after replenishing the coolant to normal, but the engine power dropped significantly, indicating that the engine mechanical system failure. Most of the reasons for such failures are: serious leakage of the cooling system; isolation of the water jacket and cylinder cylinder gasket washed out; thermostat main valve off; fan drive belt loose or broken; water pump shaft and impeller loose; fan clutch work poorly.

Solution: check out the cause of the failure, corresponding repair and replacement can be.

13、The steering wheel of the vehicle is difficult to manipulate when driving

Reason analysis: It may be that the front wheel specifications or air pressure on both sides are not the same; both sides of the front wheel main pin rear camber or wheel camber is not equal; both sides of the front wheel hub bearing clearance is not the same; both sides of the steel plate spring arch or elasticity is not the same; left and right sides of the wheelbase difference is too large; wheel brake clearance is too small or brake drum out of round, resulting in one side of the brake card, so that the brake drag; vehicle loading is not uniform.

Solution: The repair shop should be repaired in time for replacement.

14, fogging in the headlights

Analysis of the causes: the headlights have a plastic or rubber breathable channel on the back cover, this channel must exist in the structure of the headlights, otherwise the thermal expansion of the gas can not be excluded, this breathable channel can only be out of gas can not enter the water.

Solution: If there is a slight fogging phenomenon, the air circulation or open headlights will soon dissipate, if there is always water or fog can not be dispersed will need to go to a professional auto repair shop to exclude.

15, the vehicle in high-speed driving when the whole car shaking phenomenon

Cause analysis: the vehicle in normal driving to about 96km / h, the whole car shaking phenomenon, reduce the speed, the phenomenon is gone, if then accelerate to about 90km / h when the shaking again indicates that there is a fault in the car chassis. The causes of failure are: tire dynamic balance is out of alignment; front and rear suspension. Steering. Loose transmission and other institutions; front wheel positioning. Wheelbase is not accurate; half-shaft clearance is too large.

Solution: Timely exclude the above faults to avoid the vicious circle and cause other failures.

16, the car turns, the steering wheel obviously turn a large turn but become a small turn, the steering wheel is obviously turning a small turn but become a large turn

Reason Analysis: The former two phenomena occurring when steering are called understeering and the latter is called oversteering, which means that there is a problem with the steering system. There is another kind of steering phenomenon, the initial understeer, and in the middle of the oversteer, a sharp turn to the inside. This is the most dangerous reversal phenomenon and is prone to accidents.

Solution: This only happens in individual rear-engine cars. We remember to go to the repair in time.

17, the engine is difficult to start cold, the engine vibration after starting, and then tends to smooth out, the engine began to shake at low speed, high-speed improvement

Cause analysis: may be a spark plug failure or ignition moment is too early. If not spark plug failure, you can judge the ignition moment is too early.

Solution: When the above-mentioned failure, should be promptly to the repair shop for repair.

18, black smoke from the exhaust pipe

Analysis of the causes: indicates that the mixture is too rich, incomplete combustion. The main reason is the car engine overload, cylinder pressure is not enough, the engine temperature is too low, improper adjustment of carburetor, air filter blockage, individual cylinder does not work and ignition is too late, etc..

Solution: to exclude, should promptly check whether the air damper is completely open, if necessary, overhaul; turn off the engine from the carburetor mouth to see the main jet, if there is oil injection or dripping oil, the float chamber oil level is too high, should be adjusted to the specified range, tighten or replace the main volume hole; air filter blockage, should be cleaned, unclogged or replaced.
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