Long-lasting antifreeze

Freezing point: -8℃, -20℃, -25℃, -30℃, -35℃, -40℃, -45℃ Specification: 1.5KG, 2KG, 4KG, 9KG


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  • Description
    • Commodity name: Long-lasting antifreeze

    Freezing point: -8℃, -20℃, -25℃, -30℃, -35℃, -40℃, -45℃ Specification: 1.5KG, 2KG, 4KG, 9KG

    Product Description.

    Â- Cooling protection: The polyester grade glycol is used to produce and blend, the formula is stable and has superior heat dissipation performance.
    Anti-freeze protection: Adopt advanced control concept, precise proportioning of various functional components, low temperature protection, long-lasting anti-freeze.
    Anti-corrosion and rust protection: With the professional support of DOBER, a world leader in engine cooling technology, the product can fully cope with all kinds of corrosion and rust in the cooling system and protect the cooling system.
    Â- Anti-scaling protection: The use of outstanding scale control technology, supplemented by a high-quality deionised water source, multi-layer filtration, can well inhibit the formation of limescale, to avoid the adverse effects of limescale.


    Scope of application.

    Universal in all seasons, suitable for liquid circulation cooling system of various vehicle engines and construction machinery engines.


    Implementation standard.

    GB 29743-2013



    This product contains ethylene glycol, which is harmful to health if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and do not fall into the hands of children.


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