SD-1200 Vehicle Gear Oil (GL-4)

Grade: GL-4


Vehicle Gear Oil



  • Description
    • Commodity name: SD-1200 Vehicle Gear Oil (GL-4)

    Grade: GL-4

    Product features.

    ★Good anti-wear and extreme pressure performance, effectively reduce the wear caused by heavy load gear transmission.
    ★Excellent shear resistance, maintain the appropriate viscosity under continuous transmission impact conditions.
    ★Good water and emulsion resistance, effectively prevent the oil from contacting water and causing emulsification.
    ★Excellent rust and corrosion resistance, effectively protects gear parts from decomposing acid corrosion.

    Scope of application

    It is suitable for gearboxes, drive axles and steering gears of cars, construction machinery and industrial equipment equipped with manual gearboxes. Meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute API GL-4 and the US Department of the Army MIL-L-2105C quality grade.


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    • Vehicle Gear Oil