Quality Trusted Products

This award is organized by China Famous Brand Product Cultivation Committee and China Brand Survey and Statistics Center, and in the process of product quality inspection and supervision, Yingba Lubricant was selected as "Quality Trustworthy Product" after audit.

National authoritative testing-quality qualified products

This award is organized by China Famous Brand Product Cultivation Committee and China Brand Survey and Statistics Center, and in the national quality supervision and sampling activities, Yingba lubricant products are tested to be qualified products and selected as "National Authoritative Testing - Quality Qualified Products".

Green and environmental protection famous and excellent products

Green environmental protection famous and excellent product award is organized by China Famous Brand Product Cultivation Committee and China Brand Survey and Statistics Center. In the national environmental protection testing and evaluation, all indicators of Yingba lubricating oil meet international and domestic environmental protection and health standards and are selected as "Green Environmental Protection Famous and Excellent Products" after audit.

Quality Trusted Brand

Quality Trusted Brand is an award organized by the International Lubricant Institute and the China Lubricant Brand Summit to provide guidance for enterprises to improve quality management, enhance market competitiveness and improve business performance. Implementing enterprise tracking supervision and management and services, it also provides consumers with objective and impartial information in the market economy. Youngblood Lubricants has been awarded this title for six consecutive years.

National quality and trustworthy auto lubricant enterprise

China auto parts and supplies industry general evaluation list has become the most authoritative and influential domestic auto parts and supplies enterprise evaluation system. It is known as the "Oscar" of China's auto parts and supplies industry by the industry and mainstream media. With strong comprehensive strength and product service advantages, Yingba Lubricant stood out among many lubricant brands and was officially awarded the honorary title of "National Quality and Trustworthy Auto Lubricant Enterprise" by the organizing committee in 2016.

Preferred brands in the automotive lubricant industry

CCTV CCTV "discover brand" column is a show class enterprise feature film, by CCTV securities information channel, CCTV7 military home industry channel, CCTV9 channel for joint exhibition through the form of enterprise business card reports in various industries to make outstanding contributions and influential brands, guide and promote more Chinese enterprises to the road of brand development, to promote the rapid development of Chinese enterprise brand, Yingba Lubricants in the central (CCTV "discover brand" column layers of audit standards, and finally by virtue of its own strong R & D strength and very competitive products, as well as products can compete with foreign imports of lubricants advantages successfully selected as the preferred brand of the automotive lubricant industry, and successfully in the National Development and Reform Commission in charge of the central news network to build a file for the record.

Vice President of Micro Auto Parts and Supplies Chamber of Commerce

Guangzhou miniature auto parts chamber of commerce is a platform for the auto parts industry to provide exchange and cooperation services, so far the chamber of commerce members have more than 200 auto parts industry enterprise units, with a number of auto parts city resources in Guangzhou, and close contact with the auto parts industry chambers of commerce across the country, with many auto parts industry resources across the country, to build a platform between enterprises, resource exchange and sharing, to promote cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. Since the establishment of the association, Yingba Lubricant has been continuously awarded as vice president unit.

CCTV channel honor broadcast

CCTV, as a national media, has strict review standards for advertising placement. Only the enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and good brand reputation can be allowed to broadcast advertisements. The cooperation between Yingba Lubricant and CCTV in brand advertising will become an important milestone in the development history of Yingba Lubricant, boosting our confidence and motivating us to continue to move forward.

Lubricant Industry Association Member Unit

Guangdong Lubricant Industry Association (abbreviated as GDLIA) is a provincial-level lubricant industry organization initiated by enterprises and institutions, experts, scholars and other relevant practitioners related to the lubricant industry in Guangdong Province in accordance with the principle of equality and voluntariness, and formally established after registration and filing by Guangdong Social Organization Administration according to law. Since the establishment of the association, Ingba Lubricants has been awarded as a member unit continuously.

Annual contract-abiding and trustworthy enterprise

Yingba lubricating oil actively promote the construction of enterprise credit system, advocate enterprise integrity and abide by the contract. Create an honest and creditable business atmosphere, promote harmonious enterprise construction, good corporate credit, with a good credit brand, and strive to develop the market; at the same time, seriously participate in the "abide by the contract and trustworthy" enterprise selection, recently, by the market supervision administration of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province as the "2017 abide by the contract and trustworthy enterprise".

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